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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Here it is - my first post. OK, it is admittedly unexciting, but this blog is not meant to be exciting, only to point to exciting things. (Very voyeuristic, don't you think?)

First plug - Lookout for Outlook. Not just an "almost palindrome", it is an indispensable tool for Outlook that just smushes the Outlook search capability into the dirt. Lookout may not keep you from ever filing stuff into folders, but it is a great adjunct, and certainly keeps you on top of mountains of old email. This is a real must-have for serious Outlook users.

I am an email packrat, and have about 13 .pst's, with 3 GB of very carefully minimized email (and millions of individual emails). Searching across these 13 folders with Outlook is horribly tedious and time-consuming. Lookout does it in a flash.

As Mark the Blogger states, It's fast, and it's free (for now):
An initial excursion in the field of blogland. DISCLAIMER: this site is not meant to be interesting. It is just meant to point to things that are interesting!

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